Go Bold

The new year stirs hope in people. You might hope to lose weight, get out of debt, or to become closer to the people you love. Maybe your hopes include growing spiritually, and you hope to engage in a small group, to read your Bible regularly, or to discover God’s unique purpose for your life.

At Clear Creek Community Church, we have big hopes for 2017. One of those hopes is that we might be people who show bold love to the world around us. God set the precedent for love when he sent Christ to give of himself and ultimately pay the price that we owed. So now we, as his people, are compelled to share this bold love of God with the people in our lives, loving them the way He loved us so that they might come to know him.

In this new year we hope to start a movement that can’t be ignored, a revolution, in our community where people choose to step out to boldly love their friends, neighbors, co-workers, and even complete strangers.

What does that look like?

Well, the couple that gave their used car to a single mom showed bold love. That’s big for most of us. The group member who gave her friend a ride to the hospital for cancer treatments each week showed bold love too. The list goes on and on, and that’s the beauty of it! There is no limit to how big it can be or a benchmark of how small.

So what if this spirit of generosity and service was what most of us did most of the time? What if acts of bold love were so common with the people of CCCC that people in the community could not ignore it? What if acts of bold love made people think about God, melted away skepticism and opened doors to faith conversations? That would be a revolution!

But there’s a problem.

The truth is, I have good intentions when it comes to boldly loving people, but I don’t follow through enough. My intentions get lost in busyness or timidity or my own selfishness. I don’t intend to miss opportunities to show bold love to my family, neighbors or coworkers, but I do.

Because I know this is true of me, I suspect it might be true of others. That’s what Go Bold is all about. Go Bold is our effort to remind each other of the opportunities to show love to people in our lives, and will include prompts or “challenges” to help us think of ways to love people in our community.

Whatever your hopes are for 2017, remember this: Together, we’re better. Together, we can show such love to our community that it cannot go unnoticed. So join the revolution! Take a risk. Be courageous. Go Bold, and show love to someone in your life in a new and unexpected way. Then, tell us about it. Use #GoBold on social media, fill out a Go Bold story card at your campus, or shoot us an email—not so you get credit, but to give God glory and to inspire the rest of us to Go Bold as well.

“We love because he first loved us.”
1 John 4:10


“God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and discipline.”
2 Timothy 1:7



One Comment

  • A couple months ago I ran into a girl who knew me from my past. She worked at the local convenient store where I bought cigarettes, chewing tobacco, and energy drinks. The alcohol I bought was at the store across the street. No doubt at times I had been drinking when I went to the store she worked. She was always very kind back then and we called each other by name. Fast forward about 5 years later, I ran into her at the convenient store., She still worked there, I saw her, and it was so good to see her smiling……..and calling me by name……..I forgot hers. She was down, and stated, ” I am at this dead end job, I have nobody.” I let her know that I will pray for her, she said thank you, ” and I do believe”.
    God left her on my heart…..made it clear I was to tell her some of my story, invite her to church….love her….engage her.
    It took me a couple months, I invited her to church and told her the AMAZING miraculous changes in my life are not of my power but due to the power of Christ. God is still working, she has my number and I will frequent that store more when I go see my mom.
    All praise and glory to HIM belongs.


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